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Pumpkin Flowers
Pumpkin Flowers 17-10-2017

 Our Garden



The vegetable garden is an integral part of our school community and environment.

Garden Club

One lunchtime a week a small number of students get together to harvest, plant, water and weed our garden beds. Students also get a chance to make simple meals (such as salads), demonstrating how to use the plants which are growing.
Students also make signs for the garden to inform the community of the different fruits and vegetables which are growing.


During the warmer months small groups of Prep/1/2 students visit the garden during their investigation sessions.
For example:
• They make observations and draw pictures of the interesting things they find,
• Minibeasts are found and examined under magnifying glasses,
• Herbs are picked, smelled and tasted to build on students’ vocabulary
• Vegetables can be counted and added to keep track of how much is growing.

Passionfruit Flowers
Flowering Passionfruit