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Moomba Park Primary School has a canteen which provides nutritious food and snacks in accordancee with Department of Education guidelines.

We also do school banking on Wednesdays through the Commonwealth Bank. We encourage students to save pocket money and develop positive financial habits.

The canteen operates on a lunchtime service on Thursdays and Fridays. The canteen is also open on a Monday for over the counter sales of drinks, icypoles and snacks.  No hot food or sandwiches are served on Monday' or Tuesday. To order at the canteen, you can fill out the form below.  

Click on the link below to download the Canteen Order Form.   Once you have downloaded the form, you can open it and fill it out on your computer, then print it and bring it to school with the correct money.   Or you can print the form fill it out using a pen.   If you don't have a printer, order forms are available from the front office at school.

The correct money must accompany the order. If you fill out the form on your computer the form will automatically total the order for you. Please enter the amount sent in with the order in the box at the bottom of the form.

Canteen order form - download here

Canteen Pricelist Page 1

The attached for requires Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be obtained for free here reader windows