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School Captains 2018: Jaxon and Hazel

House Captains 2018: Sienna, Mohamed A, Dania, Harmony, Fahim, Anshul, Nadin, Aydin

The Moomba Park Primary School Junior School Council (JSC) is a student-elected group of students in the upper primary grades (3-6). JSC members are elected by their classmates to represent them at committee meetings where student ideas are discussed. The JSC members develop leadership and management skills throughout their role on the committee.

The JSC members attend regular meetings and work together to implement and manage a number of initiatives and events.

Examples of these include:

• Crazy Hair Day

• Lunchtime sports tournaments

• Waste management initiatives

• School discos

The JSC additionally consults with and attends School Council meetings. Overall, the JSC aims to ensure that student voice is not only heard, but is a driving force of decision making throughout the school.