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Maria Marchionna
Moomba Park Primary School
111 Anderson Rd, Fawkner VIC 3060

Principal's Message

Moomba Park Primary School No. 4876 has a proud history of serving the local community since 1961. At Moomba Park we are fortunate to have an extremely positive parent community who work in partnership with the school to support student learning through its core values of Learning, Positive Attitude, Respect, Caring and Support. The school community is very diverse. Families come from many cultures and varying socio-economic backgrounds. This blend is one of our greatest assets.

As a community, we continuously work together to improve the learning of all students by targeting the diverse academic and social needs. The school improvement strategy continues to emphasise improving learning standards of all students through explicit instruction, activity based learning and investigation. Although a small school, Moomba Park offers a range of specialist subjects that support the core classroom curriculum of Literacy and Numeracy. This includes Physical Education, Music and Italian Art. We also offer a comprehensive, onsite swimming program and offsite camp program. Information Communication Technology is used in all classrooms and integrated across all subjects through the use of Interactive Whiteboards, Notebook computers and IPads. 

The wellbeing of our students and families is considered extremely important. At Moomba Park Primary School, we understand that, “Students and families are better prepared for learning when they are healthy, safe and happy.”  Our codes of conduct provide the necessary framework to support positive and productive relationships. As a school we are very proud of the way our community works together to ensure the best possible outcome, keeping in line with our school motto “Our Best Always”. 

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