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Our Camps

Moomba Park Primary School’s camping program is a rich and valuable learning opportunity for students starting at grade 1.

Grade 1/2 Sleepover

In term 4, grade 1/2 students are given the opportunity to spend a night at school in readiness for the camping program which begins in grade 3. Students at the sleepover build independence, team work and courage while spending a night away from home.

Grade 3/4 Camp

Each year the grade 3/4s are given the opportunity to attend a 2 night camp, approximately 1 hour away from school. This is an excellent addition to our academic curriculum as it encourages team work, resilience, courage and independence. All skills that are reflected into classroom activities. For a lot of students it is the first time they spend multiple nights away from home. Students partake in a variety of different physical and initiative activities, such as archery, rock climbing and obstacle courses to name a few. Students are given responsibilities at meal times to preparing the dining area and to clean up after themselves. Students return to school 20171019 141844with a boosted self-confidence and20171019 100621 valuable friendships.

Grade 5/6 Camp

Similarly to the 3/4 camp, the grade 5/6s attend a 2 night adventure camp designed to challenge and grow their independence, resilience, responsibility and teamwork skills. They participate in a broad range of activities, such as canoeing, surfing, giant swing and low ropes courses. Students sleep in cabins with other students, eat meals that may be new to them and try activities that are new and challenging.