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CLIL Program




All students from Foundation to Grade 6 are fortunate to benefit from an innovative Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) program. This combines the two Specialist areas of Visual Arts and Italian. Students simultaneously learn the content of the Visual Arts program while being immersed in the Italian language for one 60 minute session every week. They are spoken to predominantly in Italian during each session. Students also participate in everyday classroom routines, games, songs, instructions, shared reading of books and a variety of activities so there is continual exposure to the Italian language. When asked questions, they are encouraged to respond in Italian. Themes from classroom Inquiry topics are also integrated in the Italian Art program, further immersing students in core language.

Students use a wide variety of materials and techniques to explore a range of art forms including drawing, painting, collage, threads, printmaking and construction. They use the art elements of line, shape, space, colour and form to communicate ideas and develop their personal art styles. Students learn to incorporate a range of art styles and techniques of artists and important eras to enhance and broaden their skills and creativity. They are encouraged to reflect on their artworks, that of their peers, other artists and cultures in society. Students use technology as a resource for information, demonstrations, feedback and to practise Italian language proficiency. Students and families also have the opportunity to celebrate student artwork and give feedback via the Italian Art online journal.

Italian Art displays