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Literacy begins from the first day of Steps to Prep (Kinder to Prep transition program) for our students and continues until they speak at their graduation in Grade 6. We have a strong focus on building oral language and vocabulary through our Investigations play-based curriculum in Foundation to Year 2. Our print rich environments ensure that students are encouraged to be interested in words, books and the world around them. Our formal literacy curriculum includes reading, writing, speaking and listening, vocabulary and spelling.

In Foundation to Year 2 we focus on building our foundational skills of learning to read, writing for personal purposes and speaking and listening in a range of contexts throughout the day.

In Years 3-6 we build on our groundwork and students begin to read for interest and information. Students begin to write longer and more complex texts in a wider range of writing genre. Small group collaboration continues to build to support students to develop team related communication and negotiation skills.