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Moomba Park Primary School offers a comprehensive numeracy program with a strong emphasis on building understanding, fluency, problem solving and thinking skills, across all areas of mathematics. Students develop, explore, practise and explain their thinking through hands-on activities that aim to challenge children’s current understanding whilst making maths engaging and fun. Across all year levels six hours per week is allocated to the teaching of mathematics.

Teachers collaboratively plan numeracy sessions each week, reviewing data and discussing individual students to ensure the needs of individual are being meet within the classroom. Planned lessons carefully balance individual and groups tasks and structured explicit teaching time. Teams are further supported by a numeracy coach who provides modelling of and feedback on best practices in the teaching of mathematics and supports to provide the best program for each student. 

In addition to catering for students needs in the classroom, the school runs a numeracy intervention program titled Getting Ready in Numeracy (GRIN). This program assists students by preparing them for their forthcoming numeracy sessions through explicit exploration and teaching of the vocabulary and concepts to be covered in the lesson.

The school currently employs a numeracy coach and coordinator, ensuring consistency and modelling of best practices in the teaching and learning of mathematics across all year levels. In addition, an external numeracy consultant is employed to review and improve the existing numeracy practices and results at the school.