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Physical Education

Moomba Park Primary School offers a comprehensive physical education program with a strong emphasis on developing fundamental movement skills and the enjoyment of participation.  Students are encouraged to recognise importance of fair play and cooperation   when participating in activities demonstrating sportsmanship and respect.  All students from Grade Prep through to Grade Six have one 60-minute physical education session per week. These sessions allow children to develop and refine their skills in areas such as ball handling, fundamental movements (e.g. running, jumping), minor games, major games, fitness & gymnastics.


As Moomba Park has its own swimming pool each year level has swimming for eight sessions during the year.

• Term 1-Grade 5 / 6

• Term 2 – Grade 3 / 4

• Term 3 – Grade 1 /2

• Term 4 – Foundation/ Prep

Inter School Sports and Competitions

All Grade 5 and 6 students participate in a winter inter-school sport program, competing in the Glenroy District. The sports played are Australian Rules Football, Soccer and Netball. Games are played each Friday during Term 2. The School participates in the District Cross Country and Athletic Carnivals every year as well as Round Robin events such as Hoop Time for basketball, AFL 9’s for Australian Rules Football and Kanga Cricket.