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Digital Technologies (ICT)Prep and 5 6 ICT 1 web

Digital Technologies skills are taught explicitly throughout all year levels at Moomba Park Primary. In our Digital Technologies sessions, students are taught computational thinking through coding and programming online, using apps and Bee-Bots. We are an eSmart school, which means that we work hard to ensure our students are also taught how to use technology safely and respectfullly online.

Technology is also integrated into our daily lessons, with students using laptops to research, create, edit and publish texts. We use many educational websites and online tools to practise and develop numeracy and literacy skills.


Equipment we use:

  • SMART Boards in every classroom
  • A bank of 24 Laptops in each year level, shared between classesesmart
  • iPads - 30 shared throughout the school
  • Bee-Bots for Prep-Grade 2 classes