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New to Prep next year? Click Here to learn about our Steps to Prep prorgram


The Foundation year is a significant and exciting time for students and families as children begin their Primary School learning journey. The first year of school is all about ‘learning to learn’ where routines and structures provide a supportive and caring environment, where students can form friendships and begin to grow into confident independent learners.


During our Literacy program children begin to develop the foundational skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Students develop an awareness of themselves as a writer and begin to understand their writing has a purpose. They are introduced to a wide range of texts that foster an excitement for reading. The teaching of phonics is an important part of our program which is taught through ‘Jolly Phonics’. Students are also provided with rich speaking and listening opportunities during our Investigations’ program. For many children this is a highlight of their day as they choose areas of interest, ‘investigating’ the learning areas, while building the related vocabulary and oral language. Through this, children further develop their creativity, problem solving and collaborative skills.


In Numeracy, students learn about the concepts of number and begin to ‘trust the count’, building their confidence as mathematicians. To support his, Foundation students use concrete materials, mathematical language and problem- based learning sessions, where they apply their knowledge to real-life examples. Students also learn about 2D and 3D shapes, length, time and data.


In Foundation students learn the basic skills so as to operate laptops, Ipads and Interactive Whiteboards. They use these to explore a range of programs and Apps, supporting their learning across the curriculum. Children develop their knowledge of coding through ‘unplugged’ technologies, such as programming BeeBots, a real hit in the classroom!


During our Science and Inquiry topics children predict, pose questions, explore, observe and record events in their everyday lives. They use these skills when exploring a range of topics such as ‘How things move’ and ‘Inventions’. These topics are further explored during Investigations’ and are connected to other areas of the curriculum.


New to Prep next year? Click Here to learn about our Steps to Prep prorgram