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Grade 1/2

In Grade 1/2, we continue to foster independence and increased responsibility through authentic learning experiences, particularly for students transitioning from Foundation to Year 1. We place emphasis on the development of fundamental knowledge, skills and behaviours in literacy and numeracy, physical education, science, technology and personal and social development. Our investigations program provides students with opportunities for creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.

Reading 1-2Literacy

Across the week, at least ten hours of literacy is explicitly taught in every class, incorporating reading, writing, and speaking and listening. The Victorian Curriculum emphasises that children need to make connections between their oral language and the written language they are learning. Therefore, our program focuses on the development of recognition of the sound of words, connections between spoken and written words, reading fluency and comprehension strategies. The literacy programs are designed to include a combination of whole-class activities, small-group activities and individual learning opportunities. Daily home reading is an integral part of the reading process.


Throughout our numeracy lessons in the week, we place great emphasis on the use of real-life examples that are both authentic and meaningful for students. The use of open-ended tasks for number and algebra, measurement and geometry, and statistics and probability lessons provides opportunities for students to learn skills such as understanding, fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Numeracy sessions at MPPS are differentiated to cater to the needs of each individual child.

Information Communication Technologies (ICT)Construction Year 1-2

Students in Grade 1/2 at MPPS explore programs such as Microsoft Office and coding and animation programs across a range of devices such as iPads and Laptops. ICT is integrated across the various domains of the curriculum. It forms an integral part of our investigations sessions where students develop language, content knowledge and key skills as outlined in the curriculum.

Science & Inquiry

Science and inquiry learning in MPPS is all about student ownership and empowerment. Students explore the world around them and develop their creative, research and thinking skills through exploring units of work together. Students are encouraged to pose questions, critically analyse information, debate points of interest and work collaboratively in solving problems.